We help great people get better.

Our clients are looking for natural healthcare solutions, or simply to be their very best.

Our philosophy is built on the premise that our bodies have an inborn wisdom, a life force that keeps us alive and healthy and communicates through our nervous system - whether we are suffering symptoms and pain, or simply looking to upgrade our health and performance, we need this life force to be working at 100%.

As Upper Cervical specialists we focus on ensuring your nervous system is functioning at its best so you can too.



Did you know, the more you know about your own body, health and healing, the more health and healing you have?

Its a phenomenon we see every day in our community which is why we are dedicated to providing research backed, educational health workshops, so you can decide what's best for you and your health.


Your health

Discover the specific issues that prevent us from being well and how we can optimise the healing process for our selves.

Learn more about the various health challenges we face from women’s health, sleep and stress issues to physical symptoms and digestive problems - discover the amazing and effective ways we can help our body reset and heal.


From the moment we are created from just two cells there is organisation to how we grow and develop, and maintained every single day. We do not have to ’think’ or 'control’ our heart beating, our lungs filling, or our digestive systems filtering. This all happens automatically.  Whether we have taken a moment recently to acknowledge it or not we are all living, breathing examples of this incredible inborn wisdom. This is what chiropractors call Innate Intelligence.

Allowing this inborn wisdom to work fully and freely is at the core of what we do. There are many factors that contribute to making our lives and our health the best they can possibly be. At KOEO we focus on giving you and your body the clearest possible connection in your nervous system for your body’s inborn wisdom to do what it does best; heal, repair and above all, express life.